Trust and Allow

About an hour ago, I had *Sam come over for a Reiki treatment. This was his second session with me since mid-February. He had never received Reiki before, but the first time proved powerful for him. He told me about the incredible sensations he got in his body as I transmitted the Reiki energy to him and mentioned he had intense dreams after our meeting. This time because he knew what to expect, he was much more receptive to me. Sam fell asleep within moments and had begun twitching as I worked. I enjoy when clients twitch, it means their body is responding to the energy. It’s also amusing to see a person in such a receptive state that they have unconscious twitches and jerks out of their control. I hovered my hands over him and made a mental note I didn’t “feel” as much this time. The last time my hands were heating up and giving me cues as to what was happening with him physically. I did not get in my head and start worrying about it. Reiki is intuitive and the energy will always flow to where it is needed. I also thought to myself that this was a positive signal his body was giving me. No heat = No major issues. I took it as a sign he was in great health and his energies were balanced. No news is good news.

At the end of a session, I always hand a cool glass of water to the client and chat a little about how the treatment went. I appreciate the feedback I’m given because I hear what the client experienced and it is excellent validation for my intuitive skills. Sam quickly told me “I felt SO MUCH MORE this time!” He remarked that in addition to feeling these waves of tingling heat over his body, he also could swear he got the sensations he was being touched by me. The form of Reiki I practice is non-touch, so I will not have any contact with the client. It is a physical impossibility for him to feel me touching him, since my hands hover at least 2 inches above the body at all times. However, he said it felt lovely and he enjoyed the soothing sensations he got from it. I quietly wondered, “How can this be? He felt so much more, and I barely got any sensations from him. It doesn’t make sense.” I caught myself before I traveled too deeply into the rabbit hole of self scrutiny and doubt. Reiki is an integrative and intuitive practice. Both of our experiences were valid and real. It does not mean anything is wrong. It just is. Trust and allow whatever sensations to appear, acknowledge them, and then let the moment go. He immediately booked a session in two weeks, gave a donation, and took several of my business cards to distribute.

I’m learning the valuable lesson of getting out of my head as well as getting out of my own way. I’m learning to trust what I am sharing with others, and believe that I will be fully supported in my service. I am grateful for every opportunity I get to experience Reiki with my clients. Each session is a blessing and a lesson to learn.

*The name has been changed for client confidentiality purposes.


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